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Back in the days.. I love anime.

Pff remember back in the day I loved anime so much! Seen a lot of shows and some are just amazing. The longest running is naruto for sure !!

I'm so happy itachi is back even if he is kind of dead he's back!! I liked how they made up this whole forbidden jutsu thingy but i still don't get it. Well never mind that I need to see how it will end.

Lately I got reminded of bleach - awhh that show was awesome !! Too bad it stopped but these 8 years or so with naruto was also.. Wicked...

Then there was death note. So devilish and evil!! Ahh I want the DVD but I could easily download all of the episodes. Hmm

Recently I discovered attack on Titan. Have you seen in??? It suprised me , it gives me he feeling of the good old days! Yay!! Only thing that bothers me is that they are too shocked/scared all of the time!! Like constantly even though they had training.. They go O.O the whole time (except mikasa) oh that's something too... Why are they all German???

Hmm memories. Good times ....

I have to eat now. Dying out of hunger :(